Choose China Stainless Steel Sink To Make Cooking Better


It’s a particularly bad thing that the sink is not sele […]

It’s a particularly bad thing that the sink is not selected. When washing the dishes, when I was splashed, I felt that the sink was too small to put on the pot. When I cleaned the countertop, I was afraid that the garbage would be stuck in the gap. Don’t look at this small sink, which is closely related to our life.

Most of the time people spend cooking is on the sink and countertop. The sink is the kitchen center. So how do you choose the sink? Let's pick from the following aspects.

First, large single slot, a small single slot or double slot

1. A large single tank can directly put the pot into the sink to clean and basically equipped with the drain basket. The washed fruits, vegetables, plates, and bowls can all be placed on the drain basket.

2. The small single slot is very suitable for families with small kitchen area. It is used in simple renovated rental apartments.

3. The double trough is a double basin for the child, which is also the main basin plus an auxiliary basin main basin washing auxiliary basin for use as a net bubble. Meet a functional partition with a basin wash and drain a basin.

Second, the installation method of the sink

1. The above counter basin is the default installation method for the cabinets. Its mouth diameter is larger than the opening of the countertop surface of the cabinet, and it can be directly fixed on the countertop with glass glue. If it is broken, it can be removed by directly removing the glass glue. The installation is convenient and the problem is convenient. The space left under the maintenance sink can be about 3 cm higher than the under-basin.

2. Taichung basin is also called flat-embedded. According to the size of the installation side of the sink, the countertop of the cabinet is polished to a layer to make the sink and the countertop as a plane. This type of installation is beautiful and the sink and the countertop are flush and flush.

3. The under-counter basin sink is installed under the cabinet counter and the inner edge of the sink is opened and the gap of the hole is bonded with an adhesive. The under counter basin is easy to clean and easy to see and integrate with the countertop, which is simple, beautiful and generous.

Third, how to China Stainless Steel Sink

Nowadays, the material of the sink is more and more, and the common one is made of stainless steel. We all know that the stainless steel material is durable and beautiful, and it is also slightly better in environmental protection, so people have a stainless steel sink. Irresistible love. Of course, it is also good for China stainless steel sinks.