China Stainless Steel Sink Supplier Introduces Sink Repair Considerations


In daily life, if you use more things, you will encount […]

In daily life, if you use more things, you will encounter a broken condition. So how do you repair the stainless steel sink at home correctly? Follow the recommendations of the AFA China Stainless Steel Sink Supplier to repair it. I believe it will be of great help to everyone.


First empty the pool, leave it for a few days, and then deal with it. It will affect the viscosity of the glue when it is wet. Pay attention to details when you do this.

Next, prepare a cutter to scrape off the residue from the leaking edge. This is also done to ensure a good future use after repair.


Then prepare special glue for the sink. Professional glue can properly fill the vacancy, so that the loopholes can be effectively repaired, and it will not be bad if it is repaired.


Then align the front end of the glue gun with the junction, and evenly dispense the glue. Make each place evenly spread to the glue. Prepare a sheet with corners or other tools instead, and align the corners with the edge of the sink evenly.


Finally, scrape the two sides evenly, and then let them dry. They can be used after about 24 hours. Just clean the sink.