Cabinet Requirements For Lavatory Cabinet


Lavatory Cabinet in the bathroom, as long as the follow […]

Lavatory Cabinet in the bathroom, as long as the following details are selected, you can guarantee practicality:

1. Basin

If you are afraid of getting dirty, please choose one basin

There are four types of basins: above counter basin, under counter basin, integrated basin and independent basin. For the bathroom, the difference between the use of the above counter basin and the under counter basin (at least not as large as in the kitchen)-

There is water on the countertop that can be swept directly to the ground, so it doesn't matter if you use the countertop basin. There is a circle of glass glue at the joint between the basin and the countertop of the under counter basin, and the humidity in the bathroom is high, but it is easy to mold.

The best thing to take care of is the one-piece basin. The countertop and washbasin are designed in one piece, with no seams at all, so naturally there are no sanitary corners. The disadvantage is that we cannot do the "tabletop extension" design we mentioned earlier.

The free-standing basin is the least recommended. This thing is a large basin placed on the countertop. Once there is water on the outer wall of the basin, it will flow to the seam-and the seam is very small, and the hand can't reach into it.

2. Cabinet

The wall-mounted type is easy to use, but requires hard fitting

If you only consider cleaning, the distance between the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet and the ground is large, the mop can be easily entered, and it will be easy to clean.

The floor-standing bathroom cabinet has a big gap just like under the bed and under the TV cabinet. Dust can get in, but cleaning tools can't get in.

But the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is not perfect-it does not block the bottom space, on the contrary, it directly exposes the bottom space. Below the bathroom cabinet, there is a drain stand for the wash basin. This thing is directly exposed, it will be very ugly.

Therefore, if you want to install a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, it is recommended to change the drainage of the wash basin to wall drainage during the hydropower transformation stage, and install the drainage pipe on the wall, you can easily be blocked by the bathroom cabinet.