Afa Stainless Steel Faucets Have Become A Trend


Stainless steel faucets are made of stainless steel, st […]

Stainless steel faucets are made of stainless steel, stainless steel is a healthy material, does not contain lead, and acid, alkali, corrosion-resistant, does not release harmful substances, to ensure human health, health. Field corrosion test data show that the service life of stainless steel up to 100 years, almost no maintenance of life cycle, to avoid the faucet replacement costs and hassles, low operating costs. Achieve stainless steel mixer and building with the same life.

With the stainless steel faucet manufacturing process in China gradually matured, whether in production or in grade, stainless steel taps have greatly improved, although the smaller share of the domestic market, but because of its health, environmental protection, durability Etc. In recent years, more and more favored by consumers, and gradually seize the market share of copper faucet, stainless steel faucet has become the bathroom industry trends.

Environmental issues harsh call for more responsible producer action. Whether the products have passed the certification of environmental system and occupational health and safety system, whether the gradual adoption of environmental electroplating process, the reduction of cyanide use, and whether to meet the electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry pollutant emission standards are all the more serious problems that manufacturers begin to pay more attention to.

Future home cabinets from the kitchen for the meal specifically for the production, storage and storage functions with a series of furniture, storage and storage into changes, washing and cutting and even catering catering, leisure and entertainment, learning and other functions of the integrated The concept of sexual furniture, home kitchen cabinet faucet will be extended, the future, home kitchen stainless steel taps will also have a huge change.

Afa Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet as a symbol of modern luxury life, it entered all aspects of people's lives. That is, not only has the function of hygiene and cleaning, but also includes the function of health care, enjoyment and entertainment. In terms of using the function, the faucet stainless steel faucet tends to be more humane.