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Advantages Of Using Bathroom Cabinet Wall-mounted

In our bathroom space, the bathroom cabinet can be said to be a beautiful landscape. It is the product that can most affect the overall style of the bathroom, and the frequency of daily use is also very high. Therefore, it is necessary to buy bathroom cabinets when decorating at home To make a good choice, there are mainly two types of bathroom cabinets on the market, wall-mounted, and floor-standing. Many people do not know how to choose when choosing.


Bathroom Cabinet Wall-mounted refers to the bathroom cabinet whose bottom is suspended and mounted on the wall by metal connecting parts. Its advantage is that the bottom is suspended, so there is no sanitary dead corner. Relatively speaking, sanitary cleaning is more convenient, and it is not susceptible to dampness and mold, and is suitable for a variety of bathroom styles.


Of course, the installation of this type of bathroom cabinet is more troublesome than the floor type, and there are certain requirements for the wall. Generally, the wall is a load-bearing wall or a solid wall. In addition, its load-bearing capacity is weaker than that of the floor-type bathroom cabinet.