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Stainless Steel

The pictures we showed are all our own, and the
stainless steel texture is very beautiful.






• It is made of internationally recognized food grade tableware and stainless steel kitchen faucet — SUS304 stainless steel. It has over 8% nickel content, 18% chromium, superior performance, durable, elegant appearance, health and safety.

• The surface adopts physical treatment, no electroplating, never rust, not containing lead, manganese and other harmful substances, food contact pollution-free, more consistent with people's health and sanitation.




Stainless steel
faucets series


Adhering to the persistent idea that combines attraction with practical properties, AFA integrates it into various aspects of the products. Every style of AFA stainless steel faucet series has been elaborately designed. They are a perfect combination between aesthetics and practical purposes. No matter for the fine and exquisite casting craft, or the unique model design, it always deducts its considerate care to charm and attraction.




• 0.91-1.5mm steel plate thickness, strong and tough perfectly combined, having super wear-resistant performance, long-term use of non-deformation; Surface special treatment, resistant to acid and alkali erosion and oil pollution.

• Stainless steel character, highlight the pearl-like silver luster, gorgeous noble, never change color. Smooth surface, effectively prevent the oil attached to the volume, easier to please clean, to maintain a permanent flash.








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