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When choosing to buy a stainless steel sink, how do you […]

When choosing to buy a stainless steel sink, how do you tell if the stainless steel sink is good or bad? The Chinese stainless steel sink manufacturer & Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. recommends several methods for selecting stainless steel sinks.
First of all, when choosing a sink, we must first choose the material of the sink. Secondly, the production method of the sink and the authenticity of the sink are determined from the size of the sink and the accessories of the sink. Below we will introduce the specific identification skills of these methods one by one.

1. Material of stainless steel sink
The best material is stainless steel 304/316. Because 304 steel has a lower carbon content, the steel is more flexible.
316 stainless steel is medical stainless steel, steel is safe and reliable
2. Production method of stainless steel sink
There are two main ways, one is integrally stretched; the other is welded. Welding is mainly divided into plate welding, stainless steel sink middle butt welding, and wheel welding.
Welded stainless steel sinks are preferred because welded stainless steel sinks are deeper than integrated stainless steel sinks and look beautiful. The overall thickness of the welded stainless steel sink is thicker than the one stretched.
Don't think that the welding place will be damaged after a long time welding. The welding is to use argon-fluorine welding to melt the joints. That is to say, the stainless steel sink pot liner is broken, and the welding place will not be damaged.
3. Size of stainless steel sink
There is nothing wrong with length, but width is very important. The width should refer to the width of the countertop. The standard countertop width is 55CM and 60CM, but everything is special. Most of the countertops in the old house are 50CM.
The width of the stainless steel sink selected for the 55CM countertop should be within 45CM
The width of the stainless steel sink selected on the 60CM table can be installed as long as it does not exceed 50CM
The width of the stainless steel sink selected for the 50CM table is relatively narrow, and the maximum width cannot exceed 41CM. This is very important.

4.Sewage fittings for stainless steel sink
The stainless steel sink's drain pipe should be PVC water pipe.
Criteria for determining the quality of stainless steel sinks
1 is material guarantee, high-quality SOS304DDQ stainless steel plate, thickness is 0.7-1MM.
2 is the basin is deep enough, 180-220MM, the wall of the basin is flat without bulging and no obvious stretch marks.
3 is the bottom of the basin body is straight, strong, no major bending, no inward convexity on the four sides of the panel.
4 is welding precision, welding to no virtual welding, no cracks, no pores, welding to polishing flat and even light.
5 is surface treatment, mainly pearl silver surface or frosted, must be uniform and regular, good metal texture.
6 is a good performance of launching accessories, material is excellent, reliable and durable.

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