Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Reminds The Kitchen Sink To Be Installed


The kitchen sink, for people, is a special item because […]

The kitchen sink, for people, is a special item because of its high usage rate, but it is a simple object that is not a complex type, so it should be paid attention to its selection. Below, Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers has come to learn how to buy the sink correctly.


First, preliminary preparation

1. First, determine what kind of sink to install

The size and placement of the sinks need to match the window position of the kitchen and the overall layout of the cabinet. Is it a choice of pots or double pots? Several faucets? How large is the size? These need to be finalized with the supplier when designing the cabinet.

2. Choose the sink to be installed

Because the position of the kitchen stone countertop should be consistent with the volume of the sink when the sink is installed, and the dust is very large when cutting the marble. It is best to directly process it and install it. Do not perform it twice in the new house. Cutting.

3. Sink arrival inspection

After the sink is ordered, it will usually be delivered directly to the warehouse or delivered by the master. The sink packaging is now tight, but it is still necessary to check whether there are scratches, deformations, bumps, etc. Also check whether the accessories are complete, whether the model is correct.


Second, the sink installation

The sink is usually installed at the end of the cabinet decoration. Before installation, the water valve should be closed to drain the water in the water pipe. One end of the inlet pipe on the faucet is connected to the water inlet switch. When installing, pay attention to the firmness of the joint, and pay attention to the position of the hot and cold water pipes.

After the sink is placed on the countertop, it is necessary to install a matching hanging piece between the trough and the countertop. The sink should be installed firmly and the tank should not be shaken from side to side. The installation of the sink is not a big project in the whole decoration, but pay attention to the sealing of the joints during the installation process.

After the installation is completed, a drainage test is carried out, the water tank is filled with water, and the drainage of the sewage water and the overflow hole is tested. If there is any water seepage when draining, rework immediately. After the drainage test, ensure that there is no problem, the sink can be sealed. When sealing with silicone, ensure that the gap between the sink and the table is even and there is no water seepage.

Rinse the sink thoroughly after installation. If you have the conditions, you can find some flat boards and other items, press them on the sink to level them, and wait until the glue is dry.