Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers introduces the small details of stainless steel sink installation


Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers introduces the small […]

Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers introduces the small details of stainless steel sink installation

1. Who will install the stainless steel sink?

In fact, under normal circumstances, the merchant is not responsible for the installation of stainless steel water. We have two solutions. First, you can find the decoration team to install. In fact, all the materials in the home can be installed by them. If they can't install it, they will naturally introduce the installation. You can talk to them about the price. You can also find a cabinet merchant to install it. When making cabinets, they will ask you the size of your sink, stove, and range hood. It is best to prepare them so that the merchant can see the real thing. This is the best. If you are looking for cabinets made by woodworkers yourself, you must find a stone merchant to install it for you, who have professional stone drilling tools.


2. Which is the best stainless steel sink above counter basin, Under counter basin or counter basin? Is there any requirement for the sink?

It is recommended that you install an above counter basin or a counter basin, so if you encounter any problems in the future, you can scrape off the glass glue and remove the fasteners. The stainless steel sink can be taken off, but the under counter basin is used Meteorite glue fixes the stone under the marble countertop with the edge of the sink, and the marble glue is very strong. If you encounter problems in the future, you can only break or cut the marble.

These three installation types have no requirements for stainless steel sinks, and almost all of them are tried. Of course, some special-shaped stainless steel sinks, such as corner stainless steel sinks, etc., are not ruled out. It is best to ask the merchant when purchasing to prevent buying mistakes.


3. Will the screws on the overflow port rust?

The screws on the overflow are really easy to rust. Of course, not all of them. The screws of my sink are indeed rusted, but they have been used for about 5 years. The other owners, our decoration company, did not follow that long time, so It's hard to draw conclusions.


4. Do I need to wrap the raw material tape around the nut of the drainpipe?

Most of the drain pipes are connected with nuts. There will be rubber gaskets at the place between the nut and the screw mouth of the pipe. A good quality drain pipe does not need to be wrapped with raw material. This rubber gasket can be completely sealed. If the quality of the water pipe is not good, and the rubber gasket cannot play a sealing role, it is better to wrap some raw material tape.