Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Introduces The Selection Requirements For Sinks


Kitchen sinks have always been one of people's tangled […]

Kitchen sinks have always been one of people's tangled kitchen supplies, because it is a product with a high frequency of kitchen use, so its choice cannot be sloppy. Let's go with Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers to see how to choose the sink correctly.


  1. Size: The kitchen sink is divided into single and double slots. The size is related to the price. Generally, the larger the sink, the more expensive the price. When you buy a sink, you can choose it according to the size of the kitchen space and the location of the sink.
  2. The depth of the sink: The depth of the sink is related to the cabinet below. The two interact with each other. When used together, not only must there be a higher utilization rate of the sink, but also to ensure that the storage space of the cabinet is sufficient, you can first find the sink installer to see which is more suitable. Size and location.
  3. Surface preparation technology: There are many surface treatment processes for the sink. Checking whether the gloss and smoothness are the criteria for selecting the sink, must not be necessary for uneven surfaces and dull colors.
  4. Accessories: The quality of the accessories will affect the quality of the sink. Generally, the leakage phenomenon of the sink is mainly due to the inadequate sealing of the water pipe and the poor corrosion resistance. Consumers can check the positioning of the steel ball at the water outlet of the accessory, sealing equipment, overflow, etc. Pay attention when buying.