Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Introduces How To Defrost The Faucet


Generally speaking, if the faucet freezes, it is necess […]

Generally speaking, if the faucet freezes, it is necessary to see if the separate faucet freezes, and also to twist the angle valve to see if the angle valve is also frozen. Under normal circumstances, metal objects are easy to freeze. Then, Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will introduce how to defrost the faucet?


1. You can use a hairdryer to blow hot air, turn the hairdryer to the maximum hot air, keep blowing back and forth, it will melt in a while, this is a more practical method, but it is a more time-consuming method.


2. You can use hot water, find a hot water bottle, or use boiling water to pour it on the hot towel, and then apply it to the surface of the metal piece. Generally, wait for a while, if it has not melted, repeat the above operation, relatively speaking Hot towels are better. After all, it takes some time for the ice to melt, so this method is also commonly used.


Therefore, in cold winter weather, it is very important to protect the faucet reasonably and correctly. Otherwise, the faucet will be frozen and the entire faucet cannot be used in a major accident.