Stainless Steel Laundry Sink Manufacturer Shares Details Of Balcony Renovation


A balcony is a place where the home decoration must be […]

A balcony is a place where the home decoration must be spent. Don't look at it, the small balcony can be used for a lot. In addition to drying clothes, some people like to set it as a leisure area or office area, so the details of the decoration cannot be underestimated, then go with the Stainless Steel Laundry Sink  manufacturer to see what points need to pay attention to when decorating?

1. The selection of open balcony is very important

If the balcony at home is open and not intended to be packaged, then when choosing a decoration material, you need to choose a better performance. For example, the exterior wall paint is better used for the wall surface, and the aging resistance of the waterproof coating and the anti-slip property of the tile are stronger.

2. How to choose materials for closed balcony

If the balcony is closed and the sealing is good, then the interior wall latex paint can be used during the decoration, and the floor can be used with the same decoration materials as the interior.

3. Balcony circuit cannot be ignored

For the lamps on the balcony, if there is a wall between the balcony door and the balcony window, you can install a wall lamp, and the lighting materials are better to choose glass lamps that are not afraid of the sun and rain. If there is no wall between the door and the window, a ceiling lamp can be installed.

Since the balcony light is only used for lighting at rest, it is not necessary to be too bright, and the switch of the lamp should be installed indoors. To ensure the waterproof performance of the luminaire, it is necessary to install a leakage-proof switch to avoid damage caused by leakage during rainy weather.

In addition, if you want to do more activities on the balcony, such as watching TV while enjoying the cool, then you should leave a power outlet during the renovation.

4. Shading effect must be considered

In order to prevent strong sunlight in the summer, awnings can be made from relatively solid textiles. The awning itself not only has a decorative effect but also blocks the wind and rain. The awning can also be made of bamboo curtains or curtains. It should be made to be able to be rolled up or down or retractable to adjust the area, location and angle of the light as needed.

5. Summer balcony insulation is critical

For balconies with large glazed windows, the insulation needs to be considered when decorating. Now in the summer, for balcony windows, glass with good energy-saving properties can be used for decoration, or a heat-insulating film can be attached to the glass to prevent outdoor heat from spreading into the room.