Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers Introduces The Location Requirements Of Laundry Cabinets


Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers introduce […]

Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers introduces the location requirements of laundry cabinets:


1. In principle, it is recommended that the water inlet of the faucet and the power plug of the washing machine be placed on the side of the sink, which is about 50cm above the ground. It is more appropriate! Because when the general washing cabinet manufacturers design their products, the back of the sink is empty, which is convenient for the angle valve. There is room for the installation of faucets and the like. In addition, there are usually more double-door cabinets under the sink. If there is a problem with the water and electricity and needs to be repaired, it is easy to open the door.


2. The faucet and plug of the washing machine are above 1 meter. If you make an integrated cabinet, the plug needs to pass through the countertop and lead to the bottom. There is an opening in the upper left corner of the basin.


3. Another important position is the location of the drain. The drain is usually dedicated to the washing machine and the sink, which is convenient for installation and prevents overflow during use. Do not leave the drain in the middle of the washing cabinet. It is easy to find a dilemma during installation. If there is only one drain just under the foot of the sink, both sides will become unusable.


4. It is recommended that the position of the drainer be placed at the back of the sink cabinet, just like the water inlet, so that it is easy to install. Usually, there is very little space available under the washing machine, and the drain pipes are all on the side, so the location of the lower water pipe is best to be on the side of the washing machine.