Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers Remind Everyone To Keep In Mind The Kitchen Safety Rules


There are also some taboos in the kitchen, don’t you kn […]

There are also some taboos in the kitchen, don’t you know? If you accidentally commit these taboos, you may make irreparable mistakes and cause unnecessary losses and troubles. Follow Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers to remind everyone to keep in mind the kitchen safety rules.


1. It is best not to use drawers for the floor cabinet under the stove. If you use it, it is recommended to install a safety lock, because if you have younger children in your home, the children may use the drawer to climb and touch the stove. It can cause burns and other problems.


2. When cooking, the handle of the pot must always face the wall side or install a complete block on the periphery of the stove, otherwise, if the child catches it, it will cause irreparable loss.


3. The distance between the wall cabinet and the countertop should be at least 50 cm, so as to ensure a good view during cooking. The range hood should be installed at a distance of 65-75 cm, which is conducive to the adsorption of lampblack.


4. In order to use electricity safely, it is best not to install a power supply or light switch next to the sink, otherwise, the water splashes during the washing process, which is very easy to cause a short circuit.


5. The position of embedded electrical appliances such as oven, microwave oven, coffee machine, etc. should have a certain height, preferably in a place out of reach of children.


6. When making the cabinet, the cabinet body should not be close to the wall. Some gaps should be reserved to ensure the smooth opening of the cabinet door.


7. If you arrange the dining table, the distance between the table and the cabinets in the kitchen, there should be 90 cm, which is convenient for walking back and forth, suitable for human cooking design.


8. The distance between two parallel cabinets must be at least 1.2 meters to ensure the passage of people and the smooth opening of the cabinets and drawers.


9. Do not install drawers in the corners of the whole cabinet, as the opening and closing will fail. Of course, do not install built-in dishwashers and ovens. The opening and closing of the door will be affected to a certain extent.


10. The sink should be installed in a bright place close to the water source. If it is close to the window, pay attention to the height of the faucet. Whether it will affect the opening and closing of the window, it is best to install a flat push window.


11. The distance between the sink and the stove should be 50 cm, leaving the middle area for meal preparation.


12. When purchasing a sink, pay special attention to the quality of the water and installation, and regularly check whether there is any problem with the water pipe, so as to prevent the water pipe from being loose after using hot water, causing water leakage and other problems.


13. The oven and other stoves should be 50 cm away from the refrigerator, leaving enough space for heat dissipation to increase the service life of electrical appliances.