Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer Introduces Details Of Kitchen Decoration


The practicality of the kitchen will directly affect th […]

The practicality of the kitchen will directly affect the inconvenience of life in the future, so when designing the kitchen, you must plan according to your own needs. The specific aspects are as follows, follow the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer.


  1. Table height

The height of the kitchen countertop should be adjusted as much as possible according to the height of the cook. The cabinet countertop design should be as human as possible. If the height of the person cooking at home is between 160CM-170CM, it is more appropriate to choose a cabinet countertop of 80CM-85CM height . If you can't choose the height of the cabinet countertop accurately, the countertop of the preparation area cabinet is slightly higher, and the countertop of the cooking area cabinet is slightly shorter, so that you don't need to bend your vegetables when cooking, and you don't need to drive your arms when cooking.


  1. Countertop material

At present, the more and more popular countertop materials on the market are 304 food grade stainless steel countertops, both of which are healthy and environmentally friendly materials. The advantages of the 304 food grade stainless steel cabinet countertop are waterproof, fireproof, and durable, and can be in direct contact with food. The disadvantage is that the color is single, but if it is well integrated with diverse door panels and kitchen decorations, it has a different style. nice. Stainless steel water-repellent strips must be made in front of the cabinet counter, it can keep the kitchen dry!


  1. Kitchen storage

The smaller the kitchen, the more space there is for cabinet countertop operation. After using a small cabinet countertop, you will know how uncomfortable it is. The U-shaped kitchen design can maximize the cabinet countertop area. In order to better increase the storage space in the kitchen, you can use a large tall cabinet to embed the oven and induction cooker in the middle, which is practical and beautiful, and it does not need to bend down and save effort. In addition, the drawer divider can be selected to store the knife trays in an orderly manner. A few stainless steel open shelves can be selected and hung on the wall below the kitchen wall cabinet, and frequently used seasonings (tea, rice, oil, salt, etc.) can be placed on it.


  1. Kitchen switches and wall tiles

There are many kitchen appliances. In general, at least 4-5 switch sockets must be reserved on the kitchen countertop. Those close to the sink must be equipped with a splashproof box. The refrigerator should not be close to the sink to prevent the water in the pool from splashing on the circuit board and causing electrical leakage. The kitchen wall and floor tiles should be smooth and easy to scrub. Do not choose small mosaics and retro bricks. These are easy to hide dirt and dirt, which is particularly inconvenient to take care of in the later period.


  1. Kitchen hardware

The sink should be selected as much as possible with a large single-sink sink with a drain stand, which not only can wash vegetables, but also is more convenient than double basins; the depth of the basin exceeds 200mm as much as possible to avoid water spills. 80% of the water splash noise; in addition, the sink should use under counter basins (the edges are smaller than the cabinet countertops), which is more convenient for cleaning and sanitation. There are vegetable leaves and sewage on the cabinet countertops. Use a rag to sweep into the basin. Choose an external trash bin for the kitchen trash bin as much as possible, which is better than the built-in trash bin in the cabinet, because the built-in trash bin in the cabinet will make you easily forget to throw away the kitchen garbage and make the kitchen smell.