Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Analyze The Advantages Of Hand Sinks


Today's sink pattern materials are more and more, there […]

Today's sink pattern materials are more and more, there are affordable sinks, and the material has a rare sink, which can meet the different needs of people. Today,  Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers   analyzes the manual sink and the low-end ordinary sink. The difference between them.

First, the appearance

Manual Sink: Maximize the space of the trough, the line is strong, the color is bright, the overall appearance is high, and the texture is stronger.

Low-end ordinary: The sink is generally referred to as 201# stainless steel with poor material. It is made by machine forging and stretching. It can't achieve the texture of the L-angle line, and the overall grade will be lower.

Second, the material

Manual Sink: It is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, environmentally friendly and lead-free. It adopts the wire drawing process and is durable. It has strong wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and high anti-staining ability. It will not corrode or fade for a long time.

Low-end ordinary: the sink material is generally used 201#, 202#, the quality is poor, and even some materials can not be called, the safety is not guaranteed.

Third, the thickness

Manual Sink: It is made of 304 stainless steel plate by digital programming laser cutting, bending and laser welding. It is generally thick, usually around 1.2mm. Kabe's manual sink has reached a gold thickness of 3mm and is quite durable!

Low-end ordinary: The sink is made by one-piece stamping and stretching. The thickness of the basin will be uneven. Generally between 0.8-1.2.

Fourth, the faucet

Manual sink: Health and safety are especially important for sink faucets. Therefore, it is best to choose a hand-made sink like Kabe, choose the pure copper lead faucet, lead-free from the source, health, and peace of mind, and can rotate 360 °, hot and cold dualuse.

Low-end ordinary: The faucet of the sink may be a faucet made of zinc alloy or cast iron. It is easy to be oxidized by long-term contact with water, and the release of lead is harmful to the human body.

Five, the body

Hand-made sink: Kabe's hand-washing sink, once again refreshed the depth, added to 220mm, for the industry to erect a large groove depth milestone. Equipped with a high-quality faucet bubbler, the water splash is not easy to splash.

Low-end ordinary: the tank body is generally 180mm, the capacity is not enough, the water flow on the unpolished 201# stainless steel, it is easy to splash, affecting the sense of use.