Manufacturers Of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Share Reasonable Placement Of Balconies


One of the characteristics of today's commercial houses […]

One of the characteristics of today's commercial houses is that they have limited area use. So how do you make the functions more complete in the face of limited space, especially on the balcony, how can you properly use the balcony and how to place the balcony's items? Let's take a look with the manufacturer of AFA Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet .


1 .Where is the laundry detergent?

Learn to use the vertical space of the balcony. Although the laundry can be stored under the laundry pool, the space is limited. There are several large bottles of laundry detergent and softener in the home, and even more.


At this time, it is recommended to install a hanging cabinet above the laundry cabinet, which can be closed and developed. It is divided into multi-layer structures. The lower layer contains laundry liquid, clothes racks, disc hooks, and the upper layer stores paper and other items. It is also convenient to use. How to do it, you need to think about what you will use for washing and washing your shoes, and you can arrange it properly.In addition, some green plants can be placed to decorate some, and the laundry room can also have a mood.


2.Buy a washing machine first, or order a laundry cabinet first?

The size of the laundry cabinet should be determined according to the size of the balcony. Before customizing the laundry cabinet, it is best to determine the size of the washing machine, and it is best to determine the style.


3.height of laundry pool

If the laundry counter is flush, it looks good, but for small girls, it ’s more difficult to wash clothes by hand. In fact, the laundry cabinet can also be made into a high and low table, and the sink position is slightly lower, which makes it more comfortable to use.

Life is an art, don't follow the decoration. Determine from the actual use of your own home, how to install the laundry cabinet? Careful consideration of these 7 points makes the laundry cabinet easy to use.