How Would You Choose A Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet ?


1. Look at the plates. At present, the  Stainless Steel […]

1. Look at the plates. At present, the  Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet  are mostly made of 202 and 304 stainless steel plates. Therefore, we can directly check with the magnets when distinguishing the quality of the plates. Generally, the magnetic properties of the stainless steel plates are very small, so it is not easy to be The plate that the magnet attracts is relatively better. On the contrary, if the stainless steel plate is easily attracted by the magnet, it is generally a poor quality plate that is easy to rust. Of course, when purchasing high-quality stainless steel bathroom cabinet plates, it is necessary to choose plates with strong chemical stability, sufficient strength and shape. Such plates are the highest quality plates, and the quality of the bathroom cabinets is naturally excellent.

2, when buying a bathroom cabinet, you need to carefully select each of its accessories. At the time of purchase, you must first understand whether all metal fittings have been treated with moisture, check the opening degree of the hinge, and the opening degree can reach 180 degrees or so. It is more convenient to take the items, and it is necessary to check the tightness of the hinges. The tighter the hinges are, the tighter the doors are, and the better the dust can be prevented from entering.

3, check the hinge, generally our stainless steel bathroom cabinets must be opened at least tens of millions of times, so the hinge is very important, the hinge directly affects the service life of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet drawer to a certain extent, so when buying, Whether the hinges of the bathroom cabinets are strong and durable is very important.

4, stainless steel bathroom cabinets generally have strict environmental requirements for the bathroom, to be wet and dry, the shower water does not splash, the space outside the shower should be kept dry, this environment is more suitable for the existence of stainless steel bathroom cabinets. Of course, if you have a small space, you can use the same stainless steel bathroom cabinet, but for the longer life of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet, it is recommended that you design a shower curtain in the shower area, so as to prevent splashing and try not to let it go. Splashes of water splash on the bathroom cabinet.