Handmade Sink Manufacturers Takes You To Solve Common Problems Of Kitchen Sinks 


The sink inside the kitchen has been used for a long ti […]

The sink inside the kitchen has been used for a long time , and there will definitely be many problems . Such as rust , mold , watermark , scratch , water to leak , big smell , blockage and so on . If you don't solve it , it will be uncomfortable to face these problems every day . Some problems may not be a hidden danger . How to deal with these problems ? , Let's follow the afa handmade sink manufacturers to solve common problems with the kitchen sink .


The installation of kitchen sinks is generally divided into on-stage installation , Taichung installation and under-counter installation . The installation method of each installation method is different , but one thing is the same . That is how to install glue . Unless it is welded with stainless steel countertops . A large part of the water seepage in the cabinet is due to the gap between the side of the sink , which is not sealed . Thereby letting the water flow into the gap . After a long time , it will erode the cabinet , mold and so on . Severe sinks can fall directly to the ground .


Therefore , the general solution are only to glue , glass glue , silica gel , AB glue and so on . The main function are to prevent leakage and leakage , and also to stabilize the sink . However , the current glue have a long life , it is easy to age and fall off . Therefore , after the leak was found , it was necessary to re-seal the edge .


The underside of the sink is damp and the countertop is condensed . This is a very serious case of wet cabinets . The back of the kitchen sink will generally have a silencer and anti-condensation coating . The purpose of this coating is to prevent condensation of watering droplet's . However , there is no such coating on the countertop , so be sure to keep the underside of the sink dry and ventilated , especially the smooth drainage and sealing of the sewer . The sink is originally exposed to water , making it easy to humidify the surrounding environment . If the climatic environment also has an impact , such as when the temperature difference between day and night is large or when you return to the south , you should pay more attention to keep the kitchen ventilated during the day and close the window at night . This is also to prevent further deterioration of the kitchen cabinet environment .


The installation of the sink requires glue to ensure the stability and tightness of the sink . However , the general glass glue , after a long period of use , is easy to develop black mold . Because kitchen sinks often need to be in contact with water , the humid environment is an important factor of the moldiness of glass glue .


There is no good way to deal with the mildew on the side of the sink . The general cleaning method can only maintain the brilliant effect on a short time . For example , use some toilet spirit , 48 disinfectant , Mr. Wei Meng , baking soda , toothpaste and so on . These cleaning supplies can only last for a while .


The better way is to cut off the moldy glue on the side of the sink and replace it with the mold-proof glue . However , it should be not that some of the current mold-proof glues on the market are not very effective in terms of adhesion . Therefore , if you want to change the glue , you need to fully consider the stability of the sink .