Handmade Sink Manufacturers Gives You Tips On How To Maintain A Sink


I don't know if everyone has this kind of trouble. Afte […]

I don't know if everyone has this kind of trouble. After using for a period of time, the stainless steel sink may appear rusty, discolored or scratched by sharp things. What to do in this case? Today, AFA Handmade Sink Manufacturers will give you some tips, let's take a look.

The surface of the water tank is rusty. This is a phenomenon of floating rust. The water tank is corroded by corrosive gases, liquids, metal dust in newly decorated houses, or caused by long-term contact with acidic or alkaline substances. Slight rust can be removed with cotton cloth dipped in toothpaste and wiped repeatedly. Severe rust can be removed by scrubbing with toothpaste along a brushed line.

Floating rust is not real rust. It is caused by the oxidation of chemical substances attached to the surface of the sink. It can be wiped off. Be sure to use a piece of cleaning cloth, which is a few dollars on the market, mainly dark green. Never wipe the sink with a wire ball.

If you accidentally scratch the sink, you can buy a medium-soft kitchen cleaning cloth. Press the cleaning cloth with your fingers, and then wipe it slowly and slowly in the direction of the texture. Try to repair the texture.

Stainless steel itself does not change color. However, after the surface of the sink is brushed for a long time, the color will become dull, and even some mold spots will appear. This is because the dust is hidden in the brushed seam on the surface of the basin, which reduces the product's finish, and some encounter moist gas to produce mildew spots / mildew spots. If this happens, just wipe with a stainless steel cleaner or talc.

The tap water quality is hard, and the residual water containing iron, calcium and magnesium minerals in the water or other pollutants is formed on the surface of the water tank for a long time. Slight water stains can be wiped with a cotton cloth dipped in neutral detergent or toothpaste, and more serious, you can remove with a clean cloth plus stainless steel brightener or water wax. In daily life, the surface of the water tank must be scrubbed and cleaned frequently to remove attachments and eliminate external factors that cause water stains and water spots.

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