Design Skills Of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet


Design skills of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet : 1. H […]

Design skills of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet :

1. Hydropower installation

To prevent the washing cabinet from becoming a tasteless design, first of all, water and electricity installation is very important. Generally speaking, the washing cabinet needs to have 2 hot and cold water valves, a washing machine faucet valve, and a five-hole washing machine socket. A washing machine drainage floor drain should be designed on the ground. It should be noted here that the socket of the washing machine is selected with a leakage protection cover, after all, it is in a semi-outdoor environment, and leakage prevention is very necessary.

In the design of the washing cabinet, there are generally two types of left and right basins, which correspond to the left and right sides of the washing machine. The basin is placed on one side and the washing machine is placed on the other side. The size of the washing cabinet is generally 1.1 meters. To 1.2 meters, be careful not to be less than 1 meter.


2. Material selection

In the selection of the material of the laundry cabinet, it is generally better to choose stainless steel. After all, it is on the balcony, which inevitably has to withstand the test of the sun and rain. It is recommended to choose stainless steel to be more environmentally friendly.


3. Style design
If the width of the balcony is enough, you can build a whole wall cabinet and design the balcony into washing and drying integrated balcony. Although the layout of such a balcony design will be relatively simple, it can greatly increase the storage space of the house, and the careful layout can also be super attractive.

If the space is relatively small, it can also be made into wall cabinets or floor cabinets, and storage can be increased appropriately. In the design, first reserve a space for the washing machine, and then use the top cabinet to supplement the living room storage. The cabinet below can store some infrequently used laundry products. It is equipped with a simple on-counter washbasin, which is very convenient for washing and drying.