Correctly Handle The Case Where The Stainless Steel Sink Is Blocked


The Stainless Steel Sink in the kitchen is used to wash […]

The Stainless Steel Sink in the kitchen is used to wash dishes, fruits, and vegetables. However, there are always people who encounter blockage of the sink. If you find that the stainless steel sink in the kitchen is blocked, you should turn off the faucet first. Do not try to flush the impurities in the sink through the impact of water, and waterproofing will cause more water to accumulate.


You should first see what is blocking it. In ordinary households, the kitchen drain pipe is blocked at the U-shaped bend. Some sewer pipes have drain screws, so you only need to unscrew them, and then use steel wires to pass them down on both sides. If you still can’t solve the problem, you can remove all the drain pipes, unscrew all the plastic connections, rinse off the impurities inside, and then assemble them in order. This can be done in less than half an hour.


In ordinary households, the sewer pipes are greasy and clogged. Therefore, you can burn a pot of boiling water before dredging. When dredging, you can use your hands or hooks to reach into the drainpipe to remove the dirt and impurities that are blocked in it. If it is a user on the first floor, you should check whether the outdoor sewer is blocked by fallen leaves or silt.


Soda-heated water dredges. As we all know, a large part of the residue in the kitchen sewer is scale, so you can use soda-heated water to react with it to dredge the sewer. First, pour half a cup of cooked baking soda into the drain, pour in hot water, the soda reacts to remove the sticky things in the pipe.


The U-shaped sink with steel wire can solve the blockage of the sink. If the U-shaped bend is blocked, if it is a drain pipe with a drain screw, it is not easy to handle it. Unscrew it directly. After unscrewing, use the steel wire to open both sides. This method is very simple. If you can't solve the painting, you can remove all the sewer pipes, remove the debris inside, and then assemble it.