Choosing An Advantaged Handmade Sink Is A Very Important Thing


The sink is the most commonly used among many kitchen f […]

The sink is the most commonly used among many kitchen functional parts. It can be said that the stainless steel sink is the heart of the kitchen. How to choose a good Handmade Sink is very important for consumers.


1. Determine the width of the sink according to the width of the kitchen countertop. The width of the universal stainless steel sink should be about 10 cm less than the kitchen countertop. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the home kitchen countertop size 50cm ~ 60cm, it can be concluded that the reasonable width of the sink is 43cm ~ 48cm.


2. The depth of the stainless steel sink needs to match the cabinet space. The opening depth of the storage tank is also an important factor related to its price. Generally, a large amount of clean water tank has good practicality, with a depth of 20 cm. This can effectively prevent splashing. At the same time, the depth is also very important to reflect the grade index of the tank. The double groove with a depth greater than 18cm is a high-end product.


3. Material selection of stainless steel sink includes stainless steel and ceramic. But please note that the plate should not be too thick. When choosing a stainless steel sink, a 1.0 mm thick sink plate is usually sufficient. Too thick, too high strength is not necessarily a good thing. For example, when the bowl accidentally falls into the sink, the result is that the sink is too hard and easily breaks the bowl.


4. Although the attachment is small, the relationship is important. Another very important factor in choosing a sink is the accessory. The quality of the stainless steel sink faucet is directly related to future maintenance costs. The tightness and corrosion resistance of sewers are the main factors that determine whether water leaks in the future. Extruded seals, Taiwan controls water removal (that is, there is a knob on the surface of the sink to control the sealing or drainage device), overflow devices and muffler series devices are all standards for measuring the quality of accessories, and special attention is required for consumer choice. In addition, the tap must be easy to switch through the back of the hand. It must not be easy to keep clean with fingers. When oil is on your hand, it is difficult to turn it.