Balcony To Create A Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet To Achieve Dual Functions Of Laundry Storage


The balcony is made of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet  […]

The balcony is made of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet  , which can satisfy our large-capacity storage and storage. At the same time, this laundry cabinet is designed on the balcony and can also satisfy our laundry use. The following small series shares several beautiful and practical balcony design solutions.


The space of this type of balcony creates a very colorful stainless steel laundry cabinet. The top-designed laundry cabinet can not only be used to install the washing machine but also to accommodate some sundries. The cabinets with color plates are very small. Fresh and easy to install on the balcony.


The American-style minimalist balcony is made of high-grade gray bricks with grey wall tiles to create a versatile stainless steel laundry cabinet that can be designed for high-capacity storage and built-in The installation in the cabinet can meet our normal laundry use, and the design and storage functions of the cabinet and the cabinet are relatively strong.


European-style balcony, the balcony and living room itself are integrated design, and there is no partition, so the cabinet built by the frame door of the balcony, just use such a small space to achieve a more rational use, cabinet The design is also very rich in one room, which can satisfy our storage laundry.


The design of the simple and stylish cabinet is a multi-functional balcony cabinet. The design of the cabinet itself is very European-style. It is designed with one design divided into two. The cabinet is equipped with a faucet and a washing machine so that we can wash clothes easily. Use, the above hanging cabinet can also be used for storage.


The Chinese-style cabinet design creates a versatile stainless steel laundry cabinet that can be installed in the washing machine and can be used for storage. Such a balcony space is not small, so it is a very rational cabinet. The cabinet design looks smart. Very creative, it is the perfect combination of partitions and lockers.