AFA Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Shares Correct Use Of Floor Drain


1. Make sure the floor is full of water Before the cons […]

1. Make sure the floor is full of water
Before the construction of the house, in addition to the water design of the toilet, there is backwater bending, and the toilet and kitchen stainless steel floor drain water also has water back bend, usually with sealed water to prevent odor. In order to increase the height and reduce the cost, many new districts have cancelled the return water and turned the stainless steel floor drain, but also adopted a new deodorant stainless steel floor drain to ensure that the smell of the sewer is not sent out. But these are against stench, stainless steel floor drains are generally made of PVC material, which is more beautiful than the stainless steel floor drains sold on the market. Most of the owners are replaced with beautiful stainless steel floor drains and toilet smells. To solve this problem, the stainless steel floor drain should be 5cm.

The deodorizing stainless steel floor drain on the market is mainly composed of three parts: the upper cover, the stainless steel drainage body and the floating cover. The floating cover can float down the water in the stainless steel floor drain. When there is little or no water, it will cover the drain and prevent it. The smell returned from the sewer pipe to the room. Although the floating cover can cover the drain, for better results, the depth of the water seal in the stainless steel floor drain must be maintained. Therefore, water should be filled and the depth of the liquid surface should be maintained.

2. Unblock the pipeline in time
If you do not pay attention to cleaning the sink, bathroom cabinet, wash basin, bathtub and stainless steel floor drain, so that the dirt adheres to the drain for a long time, it will cause pollution, block the drain and even the pipeline, it will make the kitchen smell. . It is relatively easy to remove dirt from the drain pipe, but it is not easy to remove dirt adhering to the wall. At this time, a pipe cleaner sold by the main building materials supermarket can be used. Although the pipe cleaner has a certain corrosive effect, as long as the product is strictly followed and rinsed with water after using the pipe cleaner, there is no need to worry that it will corrode the pipe. If the pipe is heavily clogged, it is best to use a professional pipe cleaner to clean the pipe and disinfect the bathroom equipment after cleaning.

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