About The Development Trend Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet


In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consu […]

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, the stainless steel kitchen faucet industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, and the style of stainless steel kitchen faucets has begun to change. As everyone knows, in the personalized home decoration, not only the type of stainless steel kitchen faucet, but also the style of the stainless steel kitchen faucet should be considered to achieve the effect of coordination. Today, let's explain the development trend of  Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet !

Trend 1: More colors

From a popular point of view, the stainless steel kitchen faucet will be more colorful: in addition to the traditional chrome, there are different faucet surface materials such as Venetian bronze, polished copper, stainless steel, pearl nickel, polished nickel, etc., which also makes stainless steel kitchen faucet The market is more competitive.

Trend 2: Functionality tends to be humanized

Today, stainless steel kitchen faucets are more ergonomically designed and well thought out in small details. For example, you don't need to hurry, even if your wrist can switch faucets with functions longer than 10 seconds; another example: in order to promote water conservation, design faucets with limited water flow.

Trend 3: Stainless steel kitchen faucet quality is more strict

The quality of stainless steel kitchen faucets is a concern of all consumers, but it is believed that in the future, the industry will strengthen the control of faucet quality, and optimize the faucet market by grasping environmental protection, quality, and sales, so that faucet products can truly achieve health and green.

Trend 4: Material Pop Mix

The stainless steel kitchen faucet industry may have been influenced by the apparel industry and has begun to play a mix of avant-garde. For example: there is a new chrome-plated faucet, the handle is made of translucent special glass material, quite chic.

Trend 5: Product appearance is getting better

At present, the design of the stainless steel kitchen faucet looks a bit novel, such as: the shape of the flower faucet containing the sputum to be placed, the faucet that looks like a swan shape, the shower head like a high-tech mobile phone. In addition, such faucets that focus on shape and structural design have also been added to more and more multifunctional, high-tech designs, such as: pull-out design, integrated wall-mounted, etc. are all breakthroughs in appearance.