7 Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Storage Ideas To Steal From Ikea


The Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet may be one of the m […]

The Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet may be one of the most overlooked rooms at home, but a well-organised laundry is an thing of beauty. The Ikea laundry manages to squeeze in a lot of stuff, yet it's always well-organised, accessible and attractive.

AFA Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Summarized the IKEA 7 smart storage style and style, let's take a look

1. Hang a curtain

Shower curtains are inexpensive but they can be pulled across quickly to create different zones or to hide dirty laundry.

2. Use hooks

Utilise every space available, including inside cupboards or the back of a door. Hooks can be used for storing and displaying all kinds of things, including clothes, tools and bags.
Ikea laundry

3. Make use of the walls

Ironing boards and drying racks take up a lot of real estate in a laundry. Install a drying rack in the space above an appliance or sink.

4. Bins aren’t just for rubbish

Ikea makes clever use of bins and storage boxes for different purposes in the laundry. Simplify your life by labeling bins and use them for separating lights, darks and delicates.
Ikea laundry

5. Use a colour palette

Everything looks better when it’s co-ordinated. Keep everything looking fresh with an all-white palette, or add one or two colours like green and blue for a cohesive look. You won't mind spending time in the laundry if it looks pretty.

6. Squeeze in a cupboard

If you have the room, squeeze in a skinny cabinet and stash all the stuff you want to hide.

7. Install a wall storage system

Ikea is the go-to destination for storage systems that make the most of vertical wall space. Maximise your space with something like Algot wall upright shelves.