General Manager Speech

In 2009. the main market changed into national. AFA set up sales and
service points in national market.




The development of craftsmen spirit, from ancient to the present, China has never lacked the spirit of craftsmen. Laborious people started with morality and went through 20 years of extraordinary course.



Recalling the poor childhood, memory haunted me. I set up factories only to solve the livelihood and never thought of building a cause. It is not because of my superior ability, but a time to happen, encountered the time of reform and opening up, right time, right place and right people, which worked together to bring such an AFA Kitchen and bath.




Artisan spirit is no more than some requirements: meticulous, excellence, one consistent. For decades to wholeheartedly do a no end thing like.




The favor of a drop of water should be rewarded with the gratitude of a fountain of water. We are grateful to everyone who loves, helps and supports AFA. Therefore, "innovation, beauty, quality, durability" has become the lofty mission of our enterprise.




In this twenty years, AFA kitchen and bath has went to a mature, but also into a new starting point after mature, and then innovation, we have long way to go.




Looking to the future, we will sincerely cooperate new and old customers all over the country with honest character, high-quality products and perfect service, hand in hand, common towards a better tomorrow.