Why Do Kitchens Have To Choose Afa Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


In the process of house decoration, the choice of furni […]

In the process of house decoration, the choice of furniture is very important, but the choice of cabinets in the kitchen is the most important. When choosing the materials of cabinets, we must choose stainless steel cabinets, because there are all kinds of cabinets on the market, but compared with stainless steel cabinets, it is worth choosing AFA Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets in terms of quality, environmental protection, hygiene and convenience in use.

1. Quality

The stainless steel cabinet has the title of " how long to live in the house and how long to use the cabinet". The AFA stainless steel cabinet has a certain guarantee for the quality of the cabinet, which is unmatched by the wooden cabinet in terms of waterproof and fireproof performance.

Many wooden cabinets will have various problems such as mildew, paint falling and cabinet door falling in a year or two, causing headaches, while stainless steel cabinets will not have such problems.

Wooden cabinets do not have any protection function for water and fire. Deformation will occur in winter and rainy season. In high-temperature weather, cabinet cracking will occur when exposed to sunlight and dry weather. Stainless steel cabinets will never crack.

2. Environmental protection

Formaldehyde in wooden cabinets exceeds the standard, leading to various diseases such as cancer. Hundreds of thousands of people die from indoor pollution every year in our country. Therefore, stainless steel cabinets must be chosen for cabinet selection, and stainless steel cabinets must be made of pollution-free materials and workmanship so that you can use them safely.

Stainless steel is an environment-friendly material. It is not epoxy resin, nor does it have natural Huanggang rock radiation. Therefore, for the sake of family members and their health, we must choose a stainless steel cabinet that is pollution-free and environment - friendly.

3. Health

Wooden cabinets have been used for a long time in various conditions, such as mildew and decay, which are always harmful to our health. Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and will not appear this kind of situation.

Not only that, the stainless steel cabinet has a strong anti-penetration effect, so cooking inevitably spreads soy sauce soup on the table top, only needs to wipe it casually, and will never leave any marks, nor will the steel ball be scratched when cleaning the table top of the stainless steel cabinet.

The table top of the stainless steel cabinet is designed in an integrated way, with water-proof platforms in front and behind, so that there will be no place where dirt and dirt can be stored, and it can also effectively prevent the destruction of walls and kitchen floors from being wet.

4. Performance

The AFA stainless steel cabinet has been upgraded again and again in the process of continuous development, which makes the stainless steel cabinet more comprehensive in use performance, and the AFA stainless steel cabinet has added many parts to its use. Customers can choose the personal tailor cabinet suitable for their own use according to their living habits.

AFA stainless steel cabinet is your best choice, healthy, environment - friendly, pollution - free, durable, and better quality of life, so that Olepot can bring you.