What Are The Requirements For A Healthy Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets?


Nowadays, people's living standards are improving, and […]

Nowadays, people's living standards are improving, and their requirements for the home environment are becoming more and more strict. Especially in the kitchen environment, as an important space in the family, the choice of cabinet products has become a top priority. Specifically, a set of environmentally-friendly cabinet products should at least meet the following points. Now, let's talk about it by afa Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :

1. Does not produce harmful substances to the human body

The choice of materials is a big factor in determining the health of the cabinet. It can only be authoritative through national food-grade testing, so that it does not produce irritating odors. In summary, the "metal honeycomb panel" (zero formaldehyde, no radioactive material) made of food grade 304 stainless steel is very suitable for cabinets.

2. Adopt color does not damage the vision

Whether the style of the cabinet can be unified has a great influence on the mood of the occupants, and the overall unified style can make the people living in it feel like a spring breeze and feel comfortable. On the contrary, the chaotic cabinet style can't bring people a happy mood no matter how high-grade products are used.

At the same time, healthy cabinets also have high requirements for color. Because color is psychological to people, we should carefully choose the color of the cabinet decoration. If there are some bright colors that are stimulating to the visual, it cannot be used as the main color of the kitchen.

3. Ergonomics

A truly healthy cabinet should be as intimate and thoughtful as a servant. This requires not only that the height of the cabinet must conform to the scale of the human body, but also that it requires careful attention to detail in the details.

4. Has high security

Households with small children usually pay more attention to the safety of cabinets. In fact, the safety of cabinets should be paid attention to by all families, which is related to the health of family members.

Cabinets with high safety should pay attention to some detailed designs, such as the tightness of the closing of the door and the depth of the inside, the bearing capacity of the cabinet, etc., as long as the attention to detail, can truly achieve a satisfactory life.