What Are The Problems With Installing China Stainless Steel Sinks?


Almost everyone has a sink in their homes, and many peo […]

Almost everyone has a sink in their homes, and many people use China Stainless Steel Sink . What problems do we need to pay attention to when installing stainless steel sinks? Next, we will introduce these tips to you. I hope to help everyone.

1, the production process
First of all, look at the production process. The existing process is divided into welding and one-time molding. The welding quality is one of the most critical factors affecting the life of the water tank. It should be tight and without welding. The molding is more advanced and extremely popular, but the production process is difficult. Large, 0.7mm-1.0mm thickness is the best, can achieve the perfect combination of solid and weak elasticity, can be used as a standard when purchasing.

2, surface flatness
Secondly, look at the surface flatness, keep the line of sight and the plane of the sink consistent, the edge of the sink should not be convex, not warped, and the error is less than 0.1mm.

3, accessories
There are also accessories, PP material or PVC hard water pipe sealing degree is high, can prevent water leakage; the water inlet needs steel ball positioning, squeeze sealing and platform-controlled water removal, can quickly store water; overflow device can ensure The kitchen is safe; there is also a sound-absorbing treatment, silencer pad or sound-absorbing coating is a good way.

4, the depth of the sink
At the same time, compared with European and American families, the tableware we used to use is thicker and larger, so the depth of the sink should also be considered, 200-230mm, which is more suitable.