What Are The Functions Of Stainless Steel Faucets Used In Water Purifiers?


Water is the source of life, so the quality of water is […]

Water is the source of life, so the quality of water is very important, so it is impossible to control the water quality problems introduced into the family, but it can control the quality of the family's water. So many people started to install water purifiers, generally the faucet for water purifiers. It is also stainless steel faucets  , so what are the unique advantages of such a purifying faucet?


1. Durable and high-flow, the high-quality faucet water purifier can provide 320 gallons (6 months) of clean and freshwater, replace 2400 bottles of 16.9oz water, life expectancy more than 3 times many other faucet water purifiers, 0.53gpm high flow Designed to help you get 1 cup of purified water (7 ounces) in 6 seconds.


2. Super-adsorbed materials, the faucet water purifier activated carbon fiber (ACF) material is 10 to 12 times better than ordinary carbon adsorption, protecting you and your family's health. And the faucet uses stainless steel faucets, which is also able to achieve environmental protection.


3. Different design, elegant design makes the faucet water purifier suitable for many kitchens and bathroom decoration; BPA-free, made of food-grade materials, can avoid secondary pollution of drinking water by water purification equipment, ensuring you enjoy more Safe drinking water.


4. Practical 2-stage switch, faucet water purifier has a simple 2-stage switch, which can switch tap water freely, save water and pure water, which makes direct drinking, cooking or facial cleaning easy, suitable for many household faucets, not suitable for pulling out Or spray.


5. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, drinking water filter faucet has the following characteristics: pure physical filtration, no electricity, no wastewater, waste reduction, and saving money.stainless steel faucets