The Selection Tips of Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Faucet


When selecting a Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet fauce […]

When selecting a Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet faucet, it is necessary to switch the touch handle several times to determine if the touch is delicate, tight, too loose or too tight. The finish of the surface is also very important. The better the surface treatment, the smoother the surface treatment, the brighter it is, which means the better the treatment, it can also reflect its quality indirectly. In addition to looking at these, Afastainlesskb reminds you to see if there is trachoma or cracks in the taps. Trachoma is a small hole or crack that appears on the surface and inside of a copper material during casting. If trachoma is present, it will infiltrate into the water and in severe cases it will break.


Two-handle stainless steel bathroom faucet, if the left hand is hot water, the right hand is cold water, the sign is clear, easy to use, more suitable for the elderly or children. The shape of the single-handle is better, the shape is simple, and the rotation is adjusted around hot and cold water. Easy to operate but care must be taken to avoid burning.


With the rise in water prices, people have to pay attention to the problem of water saving in stainless steel bathroom faucets. In general, the amount of water in an ordinary faucet differs from that of a faucet. Taps and taps on the market can open hundreds of thousands of times without leaking water, saving 30-50% compared to old taps. All kinds of new high-tech stainless steel bathroom faucets, such as ceramics, pitch, automatic closing, etc., tightly closed, sensitive and sensitive, closing speed is only one-tenth of the old-fashioned faucets. The water-saving effect is remarkable. The newest faucet adopts a new design, which can adjust or dismantle the water-saving device installed on the faucet. The water-saving rate can be freely adjusted to improve the water-saving effect and save the cost.