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Although the sink is an accessory in the decoration, cu […]

Although the sink is an accessory in the decoration, currently, there are many kinds of materials on the market. Different materials have different characteristics and different styles. How to distinguish between good and bad, and choose the sink that suits you, is also a great science. The surface of the stainless steel sink is easy to be scratched, so it is best to choose products that have been specially treated such as wire drawing and frosting.


1. Select by kitchen space


Single and double tanks are suitable for small kitchens


In the modern kitchen design, the function of the sink is significantly expanded. For example, a working area is opened where the sink and the cabinet meet, so that the sink has a storage function. Single troughs are often chosen by families with too little kitchen space, which can only meet the most basic cleaning functions; double trough designs are widely used in homes, which can meet the needs of separate cleaning and conditioning, and also become the first choice because of the appropriate occupation of space ; Because the three-slot or mother-slot tanks are mostly shaped designs, they are more suitable for large kitchens with individual styles. They also have functions such as soaking or washing and storage. They can also separate raw and cooked foods, saving time and effort. If the kitchen space is small, a single or double sink is more suitable; if you like to wash in a large space, a large single sink is a good choice. If the kitchen is large, you can choose a wider range, such as a three-slot or sink with drainboard.


2. Choose according to personal preference


Arc kitchen sink makes full use of corner space


From a convenient and practical point of view, you can choose a large and small "zimu" style kitchen basin. Such a kitchen sink can freely adjust the water storage capacity during use, and can also dry clean dishes and vegetables in a small tank. If space permits, you can also add an extended countertop to store some debris during washing.


From a space-saving perspective, you can choose a pentagon or quarter-arc kitchen sink. These are specifically designed for kitchens with right or rounded corners to make the most of corner space that is usually unusable.


From the aesthetic point of view, you can choose individual, different color sinks to match with a variety of styles of kitchen. You can choose square, round, ellipse, square and ellipse to match.


In addition, the width of the countertop should be considered when purchasing the sink. The width of the sink should be 100mm-150mm minus the countertop.


3. Select by process


The thickness of the pelvic floor should reach 1mm


After cleaning the water basin, the luster, oil resistance, and no stains are the first consideration when purchasing the sink, and the second is the thickness of the bottom of the basin.


The general sink is welded tightly and without soldering. The welding quality is one of the most critical factors affecting the life of the sink. Good welding can prevent rust and desoldering. From the perspective of the current sink market, all double tanks with a depth of more than 18cm are welded. The cost of such welding is relatively high.


In addition, if the thin side of the sink is superbly crafted, it can fit well with the countertop to prevent water from leaking at the joint. Even if water drops or debris fall on the countertop, it can be easily wiped into the tank with a rag. Therefore, Pay attention to the flatness of thin edges when purchasing, because thin edges have relatively high processing requirements, and the thinner the edges, the more difficult it is to achieve smoothness.


When choosing a stainless steel sink, first look at the thickness of the stainless steel material, and the thickness is preferably 0.8mm-1.0mm. Too thin will affect the life and strength of the sink, and too thick will easily damage the tableware.


Secondly, look at the surface treatment process. The high-gloss finish is high, but it is easy to scratch. The sanding is resistant to abrasion, but it is easy to collect dirt. The matte has both the high-gloss brightness and the durability of sanding. many.


Using stainless steel sink, the surface is easy to be scratched, so its surface is best treated with special treatments such as wire drawing and frosting, so that it can withstand repeated wear and tear, and is more resistant to staining and easy to clean.


Important reference indicators for selecting ceramic sinks are glazed finish, brightness, and ceramic water storage rate. Products with high smoothness, pure color, not easy to hang dirt, easy to clean, good self-cleaning. The lower the water absorption, the better.


The artificial stone sink looks pure and not turbid with eyes, the surface is smooth, and the surface is scratched with nails without obvious scratches. The most important thing is to see whether the certificates such as quality inspection certificate and warranty card are complete.


4. Choose by design


The depth of the sink is preferably 200mm


The detailed design of the sink is very important. The vertical angle of the basin wall of 90 degrees can increase the use area of ​​the sink. The depth of the sink should be about 200mm, so that the tableware is more convenient to wash and prevent water splashes. If the drain hole is in the center of the sink, the cabinet can't put anything, so the lower water hole is behind and the water pipe is better to be installed against the wall. , Not only launches quickly, but also makes effective use of space. According to the washing characteristics of Chinese households, it is better to choose a large-caliber, stainless steel with trash basket. In addition, it must have a Taiwan-controlled water removal function. This can solve the inconvenience of having to pick up the laundry when the water needs to be removed during washing.


5. Select by accessories


Sewer nozzle positioning for quick drainage


General plastic pipe fittings, especially hoses, are not resistant to hot water, are prone to aging, and the interfaces are prone to fall off and water leakage. The sewer pipe of PP material is highly sealed, which can prevent water leakage. The sewage outlet needs steel ball positioning and squeeze sealing. The steel ball positioning is the key to the drainage of the sink. The steel ball positioning quality is good and the sewage can be quickly removed. In addition, designing the sewer pipe into an S shape can reduce sewer back odor. The overflow device keeps the kitchen safe. A protective coating is added to the bottom of the sink to silence sound and prevent condensation. Although the water tank does not leak water, the outer wall of the water tank is prone to condensation of water vapor, which is not good for the cabinet. A special coating is applied on the outside of the sink, which not only absorbs water vapor, but also reduces the noise caused by water colliding with the sink during washing. The better coating is to spray the whole side of the sink with a mortar. Generally, a rubber gasket is attached to the bottom, which can also have a quiet effect.


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