Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share Three Hard Standards For Summer Sinks


The sink is an essential cleaning item for the cabinet. […]

The sink is an essential cleaning item for the cabinet. However, the cleaning problem of this cleaning product itself is annoying to many people. Because of the contact with water and oil all year round, many sinks are no longer bright, even dirty, and the quality is poor. It’s not that there’s an unpleasant smell coming back from the sewers, which is simply annoying. So how to choose a good sink is one of the keys to the cabinet, and the good sink has three hard standards. Let's take a look at the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers .

First, good water does not return

Summer heat, the sewer back is a very bad thing. Preserving some water in the sink can block the odor. For a long time, the sink is easy to rust and affect the appearance. This is not a long-term solution.

Standard equipment: steel ball positioning, S bending water pipe

The positioning of the steel ball is the key to the sewage discharge. The steel ball has good positioning quality and can quickly remove the sewage to prevent the odor from returning. The downpipe is another key to the sink to prevent odors. Designing the downpipe to be S-shaped can reduce the back smell of the sewer. It is even more perfect with a special sterilization process.

Second, good steel does not hang oil

In order to make the sink clean, many people are used to brushing with a steel ball. The sink is clean for a while, so the sink is actually dirty. Because of the easy-to-scale sink, the quality of the steel is not so good, and it is easier to hang dirty things with a steel ball.

Standard equipment: 304 steel plate

The best steel plate for making the sink is the 304 steel plate. This steel plate is the most suitable for kitchen use regardless of hardness and wears resistance. The steel surface is particularly smooth, no oil, no dirt, no need to brush the ball to clean, use a rag is enough.

Third, the good coating does not return

Many people think that the size of the sink is right, clean and convenient, and it doesn't return to taste. But they just ignore a very important place, that is, the moisture resistance of the sink. Nowadays, most of them are embedded sinks. If the sink is not moisture-proof, it is easy to cause damage to the cabinet. It may cause mold and harm to health for a long time. So don't ignore the moisture resistance of the sink.

A fourth, moisture-proof coating

Although the sink is made of stainless steel and does not seep water, it is prone to condensation of water vapor on the outer wall of the sink. These vapors are a great threat to the cabinet, especially in summer. Applying a special coating on the outside of the tank not only absorbs water vapor but also reduces the noise generated by the collision of water and sink during washing.