Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer Teaches You To Save The Wrong Cleaning Sink


In life, it is often encountered that the stainless ste […]

In life, it is often encountered that the stainless steel sink is cleaned by an incorrect detergent. When it is wrong, it is too late. This situation will shorten the life of the sink, and the sink will be black and difficult to wash. The AFA  Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers  below teaches you to save the wrong tank.

There are 3 ways to switch back. One is to apply the tomato sauce to the blackened place for about half a day, then use a rag to wipe it off. Another way is to sell stainless steel pipes or stainless steel to find a kind of wiping, specializing in stainless steel. Rust point, but this kind of wiping they are not allowed to give you, very expensive. The last one is to use a hand-grinding wheel to press the wool wheel to a place where the wax is rusted. However, this wool wheel and wax have to go to the place of stainless steel to find. Rinse with warm water after several times.

Therefore, in order to avoid the consequences of erroneous cleaning of the sink, the correct maintenance method has been specially collected, and the friends in need are collected for emergency use.

Maintenance method for stainless steel sink:

1. Clean immediately after use, dry and store, try not to let the water drop on the surface of the sink, because the high-iron content of water will cause the rust and high-mineral water to produce white film.

2. If mineral deposits appear at the bottom of the tank, they can be removed with diluted vinegar and rinsed with water.

3. Do not touch hard objects or rusty objects with the sink for a long time.

4. Do not leave the rubber pad, wet sponge or cleaning sheet in the sink all night.

5, pay attention to fluorine-containing household products, bleach, food and silver-containing cleaning products and cleaning products containing sulfur, hydrochloric acid is potentially harmful to the sink.

6. Note that the air released by the bleach or chemical cleaner in the kitchen cabinet will corrode the bottom of the sink.

7. If the photographic chemical composition or soldering iron flux is in contact with the sink, the sink must be flushed immediately.

8. You can't put bubble, mayonnaise, mustard and salt food in the sink for a long time.

9. Do not clean the sink with iron rings or rough cleaning.

10. Any wrong use or incorrect cleaning method will cause damage to the sink.