Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Difference With The Stretch Sink


Handmade sinks are now the new favorite of high-end kit […]

Handmade sinks are now the new favorite of high-end kitchen decoration in the home. The right angle or R10's small rounded corner design highlights the avant-garde style of fashion and is increasingly favored and accepted by customers who pursue quality of life. However, the high price of the manual sink also makes the audience less. The ordinary stretching sink is still the main consumer variety in the market. Many consumers have no direction when purchasing, and they can only rely on the price to decide the direction of purchase. Understand the difference between the two, the following Afa Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers here to make a brief introduction.

Hand-made sinks, as the name implies, are all hand-made. Generally, the thickness is 1.2-1.5mm. The stainless steel sheet of this thickness cannot be stretched on the mold. Once the stamping is broken, it can not be more than 0.8mm. The stainless steel plate is subjected to a drawing process, and therefore, the thickness of the ordinary drawing tank cannot be more than 0.8 mm.

Secondly, the hand-made sinks are hand-built and laser-welded. Therefore, the requirements for the plates and equipment are high, and generally, more than 304 stainless steel plates are used, which makes the cost of the plates of the sinks increase, while the ordinary stretching The sink is stamped by a die, the sheet is thin, and the stretch shape is also easier. Low-grade stainless steel sheets such as 201 are commonly used in the market.

For the surface treatment of the water tank, the mainstream on the market is the fine wire drawing treatment. This treatment method can well highlight the texture of the water tank and has a luxurious visual sense. The surface treatment of the stretching water tank is usually treated with the pickling of pearl sand. The cost is very low, the process is simple, although many manufacturers now use the wire drawing process on the stretching basin, they are very rough sanding wire, which looks like the grade is not high, and because the plate grade is low, it is often used. After the time, there will be rust spots and the like.