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Nowadays, many people have kitchen sinks installed in t […]

Nowadays, many people have kitchen sinks installed in their kitchens. The sinks are divided into many types. The stainless steel manual sinks have been loved by many people. What is the stainless steel manual sink introduced by    Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers   .?


What is a stainless steel hand sink?
The stainless steel manual sink is a hand-made water tank, and there is no CNC fully mechanized production process. This is not the undeveloped production equipment, but the characteristics of the stainless steel manual sink. It can only be produced by hand. The production process includes welding, grinding, sanding, padding, spraying and sand pushing. The stainless steel manual sink is made of 304 stainless steel plate, which is essentially the same as our usual sink. I said in the whole process of the production of the sink. Although our usual sinks also have welding places, they are welded after the tank is integrally stamped, and the stainless steel manual sinks are welded all around. Undoubtedly increased the probability of welding.



Thickness of stainless steel manual sink
The thickness of stainless steel hand-washing tanks is generally relatively thick, generally about 1.3mm-1.5mm. This thickness is convenient for welding, and the thickness is uniform, and there is no phenomenon that the stretching tank is too thin. It is impossible to reach this thickness by stretching the water tank, because the larger the thickness, the greater the required punching force. If it is 1.2 mm, the 500-ton punching machine will not help. Therefore, from the material point of view, stainless steel manual sink will definitely be more wear-resistant.



Stainless steel manual sink features
Manual sinks usually have 4 different types of stainless steel: 201 stainless steel (1-1.5% nickel), 202 stainless steel (5% nickel), 304 stainless steel (8% nickel), 316 stainless steel (12% nickel). The nickel content increases in turn, and the material quality increases in this order. From the appearance, the stainless steel hand-made sink is straight up and down, with angular edges and a stronger texture. Today's stainless steel manual sink surface treatment also has pearl sand or brushed sink, so don't worry about its beauty. However, the straight edge of the straight line has brought us some troubles in cleaning up the residue in the future. Especially at the 90° corner, it is the most difficult to clean. The one-piece drawing trough is rounded because most of the edges are rounded, so the counter basin is more forced, but the stainless steel manual sink can easily make the under counter basin, avoiding the phenomenon of water seepage on the countertop.



Nowadays, the application of the sink in our life is very extensive. Compared with other sinks, the advantage of the stainless steel manual sink is obvious. It is very suitable for us to use at home, and the cost performance is also very high. It is popular in the sink. The products, friends who want to install stainless steel manual sinks may wish to choose the stainless steel manual sink of  Ningbo AFA Kitchen and Bath Co ,Ltd .


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