Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Selection Tips


The interior of the kitchen must first pay special atte […]

The interior of the kitchen must first pay special attention to its functionality, and the new Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets  play an important role. Today, every household kitchen has a stainless steel kitchen faucet. This is because the stainless steel kitchen faucet not only provides basic water supply, but it also has more functions, so it has been widely used. However, many people do not know how to buy stainless steel kitchen faucets, can not tell whether the quality is good or bad, or is it genuine. Then let's teach you how to buy stainless steel kitchen faucets!

1.Stainless steel kitchen faucets can be rotated 360°

For ease of use, the faucet in the kitchen should be taller, and the spout should be long, preferably extending above the drain and not splashing. If there is a hot water line in the kitchen, the faucet should also be double. In order to meet everyone's various needs, most of the current stainless steel kitchen faucets can complete the left and right rotation of the faucet body, while the faucet part, the pull-type faucet can extract the faucet, easy to clean to all corners of the sink, its defects It is necessary to vacate one hand to hold the faucet when withdrawing the faucet. Some faucets can rotate up and down 360°.

2.Pay attention to whether the nozzle can take care of the sink on both sides.

Pay attention to the length of the basin and the faucet when purchasing. If the kitchen is a double basin, pay attention to whether the length of the nozzle can be rotated while taking care of the sinks on both sides.

3.There are anti-calcification system and anti-backflow system

Anti-calcification system: Calcium is accumulated in the shower head and the automatic cleaning system. The same situation will occur on the faucet, where silicon will collect. The integrated air cleaner has an anti-calcification system that also prevents the device from being calcified internally.

Anti-backflow system: This system prevents dirty water from being drawn into the clean water pipe and consists of a layer of material. Equipment equipped with an anti-backflow system will be marked with a DVGM pass on the surface of the package.