Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers Remind Door Panels For Regular Maintenance


Because of the special nature of stainless steel cabine […]

Because of the special nature of stainless steel cabinets, it is not too difficult to maintain. Even if it is convenient to clean, it can not be considered as maintenance-free. The following Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets suppliers should talk about how to properly maintain the cabinet door panels. ?


First, the door panel should be cleaned frequently and wiped more.

For the door panel, especially the stainless steel door panel, it should be kept dry, looks comfortable, and is not easily deformed. The high-gloss door panel should be cleaned with a fine cleaning cloth; the solid wood door panel should be cleaned with furniture water wax; the crystal door panel can be cleaned with a flannel or wiped with a dry cloth; the painted door panel should be cleaned with a fine cleaning cloth. Wipe the cleaning solution to avoid scratches and contact with sharp objects. Also, you can extend the service life of stainless steel cabinets by gently opening and closing the door panel and door hinges regularly. If the humidity in the house is too high, a dehumidifier should be installed in the kitchen to keep the stainless steel cabinets dry and prevent deformation.


Second, the door panel is clean.

When cleaning stainless steel door panels, disable hard objects to collide and rub the surface of the door panel. Do not use chemicals such as Tianna water or cycloketone as a cleaning agent to avoid damage to the door panel. If you paint the door panel, you can soak a pot of strong tea. After a little cool, use a soft cloth to rub the paint surface to restore the original gloss.


Third, the hinges, handles, etc. connected to the door panel.

For the door panel, it is a barrier to the placement of items in the cabinet. It is connected to the cabinet through a hinge and requires a handle to facilitate opening. In the case that the sliding door is tight or worn seriously, the methods that can be used are: in the pull-down operation of the sliding door, some wax is dripped, and if the wax is inconvenient, the wax can be cut and put into the trough. Due to the lubrication of the wax, the sliding door will slide freely. If the drawer in the furniture is tight, it can also be lubricated by this method.


Fourth, avoid direct sunlight.

The door should be protected from direct sunlight for a long time to prevent deformation, discoloration, cracking and degumming of the door panel.