Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets: Popular Sanitary Materials


As we all know, the previous stainless steel kitchen ca […]

As we all know, the previous stainless steel kitchen cabinets had a single and unattractive shape. Even with the advantages of environmental protection and durability, it is difficult to evoke the purchasing desire of most consumers. Nowadays, when some of the impressions of stainless steel kitchen cabinets are still only suitable for restaurants and hotels, and not suitable for home use, stainless steel kitchen cabinets have entered the hearts of most consumers like bamboo shoots.

Today's stainless steel kitchen cabinets have achieved a double transcendence of beauty and health: beautiful, environmentally friendly, durable, etc. The almost impeccable comprehensive quality has also continuously stimulated more and more consumers to hold the confidence to choose first Now, there are many kitchen cabinet brands on the market, and there are also countless brands under the banner of stainless steel. But even stainless steel has a lot of knowledge. Many kitchen cabinet brands currently use ordinary stainless steel. Afa stainless steel kitchen cabinets use 304 food grade stainless steel.

Compared with traditional kitchen cabinet materials, it is more resistant to corrosion, high temperature, oil, water, fire, and termites, making it a popular sanitary material today.

Three major standards:

Stainless steel radiation-free test

Stainless steel is really able to directly contact food

Stainless steel is recyclable

304 stainless steel is widely used, such as hospital medical scalpels, high-end Western restaurant knives and forks, some stainless steel fine components, and other high-end places. Now this material is used in our home kitchen cabinets, reflecting high-end lifestyle

The biggest benefit of food grade 304 stainless steel is that it is environmentally friendly, healthy and durable. It completely eliminates the harm of formaldehyde from the base material, does not contain any odor, and the cabinet is more beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly. Therefore, a healthy, environmentally friendly, durable, easy-to-clean, and smooth-operated kitchen cabinet is essential for a home kitchen. Choosing Afa stainless steel kitchen cabinet is equivalent to choosing a healthy and green life.

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