Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Share How To Customize Cabinets According To The Kitchen


When choosing kitchen cabinets, non-professionals said […]

When choosing kitchen cabinets, non-professionals said it was difficult, so today the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer teaches you how to choose the right cabinet according to the shape of the cabinet.


1. One-piece cabinet

The one-piece cabinet is often used for small kitchen spaces (less than 6 square meters) or slender ones.


2.L type cabinet

L-shaped cabinets are the most frequently used type, and the kitchen area is generally 6~9 square meters.


3.U type cabinet

U-shaped cabinets generally require cabinets with an area of more than 9 square meters.


4. Island type cabinet

Island cabinets require a higher level of kitchen space.


Customize the style of the kitchen cabinet according to the style of the decoration. In short, the cabinets look and feel harmonious with your entire house. For example, the overall style of your home decoration is European, but the cabinet style is also chosen in a Mediterranean style, which does not match.