Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets: Can You Adjust Your Mood?


With the advent of modern decorative materials, a varie […]

With the advent of modern decorative materials, a variety of colors, patterns and performance techniques have emerged, expanding the range of kitchen color combinations. However, kitchen cabinets need to have color on all sides, and there is room for brightness. Therefore, in the process of decoration, furnishings and furnishings of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets, the principle of color matching is coordinated.


First of all, we must choose a main color, on the basis of other colors, or complement or interlining, we must pay attention to visual harmony and beauty, we must pay attention to the use of three-dimensional patterns or bright and dark contrasting decorative materials, otherwise Not only will the kitchen area be visually small, but it will also make people feel the illusion of unevenness. The color of the kitchen, especially the color of the wall should be white or light, and it is not appropriate to use the contrast color. The color is too much and too mixed, and it is easy to change the color of the food when the light is reflected, which causes people to have an illusion when cooking food.


In addition to the functions and styles, color is also a key consideration when choosing kitchen Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets. Since furniture facilities account for a large proportion of any living behavior space, the color of furniture tends to influence the color of the environment. Therefore, the hue of the color of the kitchen furniture is required to be able to express clean, stimulating appetite and pleasing features. The hue of the color of the kitchen furniture refers to the color of the kitchen furniture. At the same time, the entire process of processing and cooking is often associated with subsequent meals, which makes the surrounding space environment pleasant. The color of the environment here plays a considerable role.


The stainless steel cabinet kitchen with large space and light-harvesting can choose the color with strong light absorption. This kind of low-light color gives a sense of calmness and is more resistant to dirt. On the contrary, the kitchen with narrow space and insufficient lighting is relatively suitable. Colors with higher brightness and higher purity and more reflective properties, because these colors have a spatial expansion, which can visually compensate for the small space and lack of lighting.


The wall decoration of the stainless steel cabinet should also be combined with the color of the light. Because the kitchen is working at a relatively high temperature, it is generally suitable for cool colors such as white and beige. In addition, the decoration of the kitchen wall should also pay attention to the fact that the decorative materials should be as dirt-resistant as possible and easy to clean, which is determined by the special functions of the kitchen. The wall decoration of the kitchen should not be too much. It is mainly reflected in the basic facilities of the kitchen, and the decoration also serves the needs of these basic facilities. The rational placement and hanging of some basic cookware is also a factor in decorating the kitchen wall, and it can also achieve better decorative effects.


The color of the stainless steel cabinet in the kitchen can affect people's physical and psychological feelings, especially the color has the most direct stimulation of the human sense of the palace, it is easy to be perceived. The correct base color selection and tone matching can make people's heart beat smoothly, breathing smoothly and smoothly, and cheerful mood. On the contrary, people will feel depressed and nervous. Therefore, in addition to personal hobbies, the color must be balanced with the scientific nature of color. For example, a warm-toned arrangement can give a warm feeling, but for people with high blood pressure and heart disease, you should choose a cool color.


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