Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Explains How To Choose A Quality Sink


The kitchen has many items of washing, and the kitchen […]

The kitchen has many items of washing, and the kitchen sink naturally becomes the most frequently used kitchen utensils. Therefore, the purchase of the kitchen sink is not sloppy, so how to choose a good sink is very knowledgeable. The following Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers will teach you to choose a quality sink.


1. Choose a good material - 304 stainless steel

The steel plate for manufacturing the water tank is a 304 steel plate. This steel plate is the most suitable for kitchen use regardless of hardness and wears resistance. The steel surface is particularly smooth, no oil, no dirt, no need to brush the ball to clean, use a rag is enough, the choice of high-quality stainless steel thickness of 1.2mm-1.5mm, the material is healthy and reliable, long service life.


2. Choose advanced technology - better oil resistance

The high-quality hand-washing tank is a three-time oil-brushed brush drawing process. The treated matt finish layer is less prone to residual oil and water stains and is easier to clean. It is to use the 4# wire drawing machine to grind the plate to reduce the temperature generated by the plate surface so that the surface of the plate is kept flat and not deformed. The process is more complicated than an ordinary drawing, and the plate is required to be high. On the contrary, oil grinding is made. The sinks treated with snowflake are better than the ordinary brushed sinks on the market, and the oil resistance is better.


3. Choose a simple appearance - increase capacity by 40%

In a limited kitchen space, choosing the right sink is a bit of a hassle. Therefore, when selecting, you should choose a sink with a large space and a high usage rate according to your needs.


4. Select rear hole drainage design, more storage space

Strictly speaking, the rear hole drainage design makes the drainpipe more inside, and the cabinet below the sink can have larger storage space.


5. Choose to eliminate 80% of the condensate

In addition to being small and large, the sink is easy to clean. It also pays attention to the moisture resistance of the sink. Although the sink is made of stainless steel and does not seep water, it is prone to condensation of water vapor on the outer wall of the sink. If you choose a sink that can eliminate 80% of the condensate, it will no longer cause the bottom of the basin to drip due to the temperature difference, prevent moisture, avoid the decay of the cabinet, and also reduce the noise caused by the collision of water and sink during washing.