Stainless Steel Faucets Manufacturers Introduce The Classification Of The Basket


Because the kitchen wants to use all the space, so many […]

Because the kitchen wants to use all the space, so many designers will design baskets to help people make rational use of space resources, then the following stainless steel faucets manufacturers to share the classification of the basket?


1. The stove pull basket: It is generally under the cooktop. This part is designed as a pull basket. It stores pots and pans that are not commonly used. Even if a friend comes to visit, it will not be temporarily cleaned up, and the access is convenient.


2. drawer pull basket: As the name suggests, its shape is like a drawer, pull-type take. The metal lattice inside the basket is dense, and you can place cups, plates, etc.


3. dish basket: the purpose of this basket is mainly to store dishes, usually this basket is integrated into the stove pull basket, and there is a flap below, to prevent water from falling onto the cabinet.


4. corner pull basket: To not waste the corner space, orderly put things, it is necessary to use this angle type pull basket, the large volume makes the object more convenient.