Stainless Steel Faucets Manufacturer Sharing Different Uses Of Taps Have Different Characteristics


In general, a variety of faucets are installed in the h […]

In general, a variety of faucets are installed in the home. In the frequency of use of the faucet, the highest usage rate is the faucet of the bathroom, followed by the faucet on the kitchen sink for washing vegetables and cooking, and finally the washing machine inlet pipe. Faucet. Therefore, the faucet can be selected according to the frequency and use of the specific use. Followed by the stainless steel faucets manufacturer to share the selection of taps in various regions.

1. Washing faucet: Because it is connected to the washing machine inlet pipe, you can use the traditional knob type faucet. In addition to the fact that the handle can be changed according to the needs of the user, the rest of the faucet has no shape at all. Generally, tens of dollars can buy a quite practical faucet. The main thing is to be practical.

2. Kitchen faucet: installed on the kitchen basin, especially for washing vegetables and bowls. The kitchen is best to choose a long handle faucet, because its arm is long, the switch is very labor-saving, and there are often oil, detergent, etc. in the hands of cooking, and sometimes the bowl to be washed, so that It is convenient to lift the long handle switch faucet on the back of the hand or wrist.

3. Bathroom faucet: Compared to the first two, there are many styles of faucets used in this area. There are collages of geometric shapes, smooth rounded gooseneck arched water outlets, and classical luxury trigeminal rotating handles. Hollow petal-shaped handles, gorgeous luxury K gold decorative rings, etc., full range, expensive