Stainless Steel Faucets Manufacturer Introduces Faucet Procurement Knowledge


There must be no shortage of water in life. Nowadays, m […]

There must be no shortage of water in life. Nowadays, most households use tap water, so the faucet is naturally indispensable. It is important to select a good faucet from the source, so the following stainless steel faucets manufacturers will share how to properly select the faucet?


1. Understand the importance of the brand

The quality of the faucet is very important. It is directly related to the health situation. Although there are many brands of faucets, consumers should also find brands with high credibility. There are instructions on the formal faucet packaging. There are clear signs about the material and lead content, and there will be anti-counterfeiting marks. The average consumer will not save money. It is more reliable to buy a good quality faucet.


2. Observe the plating on the surface of the faucet

The appearance of the water dragon is very bright. Except for the ceramic retro faucet, most of them are stainless steel faucets, and the exterior will be coated. The material used for the coating is usually chrome or nickel, which are corrosion resistant. When consumers buy faucets, it is best to take the products to a place with good sunlight, carefully check for rust spots, mildew, and scratches.


3. Understand the material and internal structure of the product

The internal structure of the faucet is important, and the layman may simply look at the appearance and ignore the importance of the internal organization. The first is the internal valve core, it is best to choose ceramics because the ceramic valve core has a higher pressure resistance, even a relatively strong water pressure can be switched freely. There is also a gasket inside, you can choose the washer because the gasket material is not good, it will lead to water leakage.


4. check the switch of the faucet

There are several types of faucet switches, such as left and right switches, upper and lower switches, and inductive switches. Therefore, consumers should choose according to their own habits. There is also a switch that is free to use, there is no dull condition, if any, it may be that the screw installation is unreasonable.


5. the importance of after-sales

No matter how good the faucet may be, the quality of the faucet is very high in the usual life. The merchant must guarantee the repair time and the purchase contract must be signed.