Quick Tips For Choosing A Quality Stainless Steel Sink


Today, many manufacturers are responsible for recommend […]

Today, many manufacturers are responsible for recommending sinks to complement customers' new stone countertops. Stainless steel is the sink material for most homeowners because it matches perfectly with any stone and will never go out of style. But while customers may be confident in their choice of materials, they are usually not quite sure whether the shape, style, and size of the sink will suit their kitchen needs.


1. Durability and reliability

The high-quality stainless steel sink is made of 300 series stainless steel, which provides higher rust resistance and a bright and beautiful appearance, while minimizing corrosion.

Another key factor to consider is the size or thickness of the steel. Residential sinks typically range from 18 to 22, and, as many manufacturers know, the smaller the sink number, the stronger and stronger the steel of the sink. Choosing a thinner stainless steel sink will affect homeowner satisfaction during the first six months, as surface treatments and sounds can cause significant defects. To ensure customer satisfaction today and tomorrow, it is recommended to use stainless steel sinks of size 18 or 20.

By choosing stainless steel sinks from reputable manufacturers, these sinks provide quality products with the right thickness and type, with consistent material and dimensional integrity, so that manufacturers can rest assured that they are offering top-notch sinks with Matching premium sink.


2.Bottom load and top load

The decision between bottom and top mounting sinks should be based on countertop materials, customer preferences and prices. According to designers and manufacturers, almost every homeowner who chooses a stone countertop chooses a stainless steel undercounter sink. However, because both bottom-mounted and top-mounted models have unique advantages, manufacturers should train customers on the benefits of each option.

Under countertops or recessed sinks are installed under the countertop for a seamless look and easy to clean, as debris can be brushed from the countertop into the sink and into the sink bowl without disturbing the sink platform. Since the base is permanently installed, quality is the key to choosing a sink-because it is often not possible to remove it without damaging the work surface.

Another option shown to customers is top-mounted or plug-in sinks with piping and finished edges. A major benefit of the built-in sink style is that it can be replaced without dismantling or damaging the original countertop, making retrofitting easier. Top-mounted sink models come in many standard sink base sizes to optimize existing cutouts. Similarly, using soft countertop stone (such as some marbles), a top-mounted sink can help protect the edges of the counter.

Sharing such insights can not only increase the value of current work, but also build a manufacturer's reputation as an industry expert, and help increase repeat referral rates and profitability.




3.Style, size and depth

Like countertops, sinks combine form and function, so manufacturers should guide homeowners in choosing the right style, size, and depth based on their needs. First, help them determine the main purpose of the sink. For example, will customers use it to prepare meals, wash dishes, or as an auxiliary sink for entertainment? Once this information is in place, manufacturers can help homeowners choose single, double or triple tanks of the right size and depth.

Two bowl sinks provide two independent work areas and are the most common sink configuration because they increase efficiency for multiple users in the kitchen. Some double bowl models have a second bowl, the size or depth of which can be specified on the left or right depending on the customer's preference. On the other hand, due to today's non-traditional kitchen sinks, single-slot sinks continue to be more and more popular-reducing the number of washing cycles and rinsing more before putting dishes in the dishwasher. In addition, the smaller single bowl can be used as a secondary preparation sink on a bar area or kitchen island. The three bowl model usually has two larger bowls with a small bowl in the middle (usually used to store garbage), providing versatility by providing enough space for several people to perform different tasks around the sink together. In addition to determining how to use the sink, manufacturers should also discuss the amount of space they occupy in order to choose the ideal model for the homeowner's space.

Most residential sinks range in depth from 6 to 10 inches. The most common depth is 8 inches, but 10-inch depth models have become more popular in recent years. As with style, depth should be determined by the homeowner's preferences and the function of the sink.

Working with manufacturers who offer a wide range of sink styles, sizes and depths, you can quickly and easily find the right model for your customers. Manufacturers can also inform consumers that stainless steel sinks without straight sidewalls and flat bottoms help protect delicate stemware and porcelain while providing maximum capacity.




4. Suppress sound

One feature not to be overlooked when choosing a sink is sound suppression. An insulation layer under the stainless steel sink helps reduce noise during use. Most manufacturers offer sinks with different insulation options, such as a comprehensive undercoat or sound-absorbing pad (or both) to ensure a quiet, relaxing experience, and therefore a satisfying customer.




5. Durable appearance
For a lasting look, manufacturers may want to guide homeowners in choosing a sink with a long-lasting satin effect that provides a timeless beauty, blending scratches and any traces of long-term use. Although mirrors or hammered sinks are the focus of the kitchen, they are only recommended for use in less active areas, such as wet bars or butler kitchens. Choose the right finish for each customer's sink to ensure that the sink maintains its appearance throughout the life of the countertop.





After helping the homeowner choose his / her ideal sink style and complementary faucet, another way to increase customer satisfaction and manufacturer profits is the shared sink attachment option. For example, some manufacturers offer accessories tailored to each sink model, such as a cutting board that can be used above the bowl to protect the bottom grill and strainer at the bottom of the sink. These accessories are designed to complement each unique model, complementing the look of the sink, adding to the overall look and feel of the kitchen, while also increasing manufacturers' job profits by adding additional pieces.



7. Easy to install

To simplify installation, manufacturers should choose a sink with mounting hardware for added convenience. The highest quality stainless steel sink includes a countertop opening template and complete installation instructions to help the manufacturer install the sink quickly and easily so that the manufacturer can move on to the next project and a satisfied homeowner can immediately use his / her new kitchen .



8. Maintenance and cleaning

Finally, share tips with homeowners to clean countertops and sinks daily. For stainless steel sinks, the best method is to apply a mild dishwashing detergent with a soft sponge or fiber brush, then rinse with water and dry. In addition, there are products on the market specifically for cleaning stainless steel. It is important to note that most soaps, detergents, bleaches and cleaners contain chlorides, which can be too corrosive to stainless steel if left on the surface for a long time. Therefore, after using detergents containing chloride, the sink should be rinsed thoroughly. By sharing tips for proper maintenance and cleaning, manufacturers can avoid calling back and ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining a sink's lifetime quality sink.

Although kitchen sink styles are constantly evolving, manufacturers can still give homeowners the insight they need to get a sink that fits their home. The homeowner's decision to upgrade to a higher quality sink offers manufacturers an opportunity to provide customers with the ideal product to meet their needs, while creating greater profits in the process.


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