Problems And Solutions When Using Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet


Stainless steel kitchen faucets always have problems in […]

Stainless steel kitchen faucets always have problems in our daily use. As long as we understand these issues, we can solve them fundamentally. Today, I will explain the problems and solutions of  Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet  .

1.Stainless steel kitchen faucet leaking

Poor water quality will cause garbage to accumulate in the valve core, which will easily cause the valve core to be closed tightly, resulting in water leakage.

During use, the valve core is scratched by the wear of external hard materials. For example, when the water supply pipe is re-circulated after rupture, the water may contain rust or sand, which may cause the valve core to be scratched during the opening and closing process. It is not possible to seal and leak water. It is important to note that when installing stainless steel kitchen faucets, be sure to clean the impurities in the water pipes.

The pipe connection hose and the faucet body are leaking due to improper installation.

2.Reasons why stainless steel kitchen faucets are tarnished

Stainless steel faucets can never rust without any maintenance. This view is wrong. Because of the best faucet, there will be many small holes in the plating layer that the naked eye can't distinguish. The difference is: good quality products, these holes will be less, the aperture is smaller; but if you do not do any maintenance, the daily humid gas and the frequently used hand soap, grease and other corrosive gases will always run from here. Over time, the material under the plating will rust and ooze out to the surface.

The method of keeping the stainless steel kitchen faucet bright and rust-free for a long time: wipe the faucet once with a car wax for half a month or a month, so as to seal the small hole on the surface of the plating layer, so that moisture and corrosive gas do not run in. Special note: Do not wipe the faucet with a hard object such as a steel ball.

3.The reason why the constant temperature stainless steel kitchen faucet is hot and cold

Since the relative amount of hot water in summer is relatively small, the water heater is easy to satisfy, and the ignition is stopped after the satisfaction; when the hot water is insufficient, the ignition is again ignited; thus repeated ignition, flameout, ignition, resulting in hot water supply, no, and, thus, resulting in The water is hot and cold. Solution: Reduce the fire and temperature of the water heater relatively.

The matching water heater has insufficient power and the required heat cannot be met. Solution: Replace the high power water heater.

The filter is clogged with trash, causing the water pressure to drop. Solution: Clean the filter at the angle valve.