Precautions For Initial Planning Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


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China's stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacturer, supplier & Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. said: Whether the planning of stainless steel kitchen cabinets fits ergonomics and whether the operation is comfortable or not depends mainly on the cooking area, storage area and washing area.



Cooking area:

When planning a stainless steel kitchen cabinet cooking area, be sure to consider its safety and comfort. Placing it close to the sink can greatly reduce the way to operate and walk, avoiding the risk of holding the hot pot in the kitchen. With a satisfactory operating table in the cooking area, the circulation becomes smoother.



Storage area:

Reasonable storage areas make the kitchen more thoughtful. The storage area in the kitchen includes a refrigerator and a dry goods storage area. Many products make it necessary to leave a certain amount of countertop space in the plan for display when packing.



Scrubbing area:

The kitchen washing process is also blamed on the use of the sink, so it is more reasonable to plan the sink between the refrigerator and the cooking area. It is more convenient to add water to the pot when cleaning ingredients, tableware or cooking. A few lockers around the tableware are even more perfect.



After the overall kitchen planning is completed, we can also add some aura to the kitchen to make it more beautiful and useful. For example, the wall space can add some pendants according to the characteristics of the user, the drawer storage can make the kitchen more rational and tidy, and the trolley can be regarded as a practical and characteristic performance.



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